Chorten Nyima A Guru Rinpoche ‘Hidden Valley’

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Pilgrimage trek Chorten Nyima a mountain range, a monastery, and a mythological 'hidden valley' (beyul). It lies within a remote region of the Tibet-Sikkim Himalayas at the junction of three countries, Tibet, Sikkim and Nepal. Pristine and untouched, this pilgrimage site is virtually unknown to outsiders and its scenic beauty rivaled only by Karchu Lapchi and Tsari. From the complex, snow fields and glaciers are only an hour's walk away. Today, this ancient retreat in south Tibet again draws a constant flow of pilgrims; for some Nyingmapa followers, Chorten Nyima is perhaps a greater spiritual prize than Mt Kailash, mainly because of the sustained spiritual activities of Guru Rinpoche in the area. It is regarded as the North Gate of the magically powerful Dremojong Beyul, a 'hidden valley' situated deep within the Tibet-Sikkim Divide. This beyul, together with Pemako and others, functions as a paradisiacal refuge for all Tibetans in times of great national stress.

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