Jumla To Humla Trek-21 Days

Trip duration : 21 Days Trip Grade : Moderate

Geographically, the High Himalayas of Humla, Mugu and Jumla can be divided in two eco-zoes. Upper and low, with its high mountains and barren hills are home to the Bhot or Jadan. Traditionally they are practitioners of fraternal polyandry a very effective practice aimed at curbing population growth and dispersal of land and possessions in an area of scarce resources but now with the passage of time there communities are slowly making a transition to monogamy. The Bhots are primarily farmers, livestock herders and traders. Due o the high alpine meadows and difficult terrain for farming, depend upon supplementary for their existence. Bhots supply salt from Tibet to barter with grain from lowland Nepal so they have developed their life as Buddhists in Tibet. Lower Humla is home to the Khasa or Khasan who came from sweltering tropical areas from the south. Unlike the Jadas, the Khasas practice polygamy but they are now slowly changing being open to changes. Separation of households is their way of life, and therefore in an area of scarce resources, the Khasas are comparatively poorer because of their larger families and smaller land plots. To brave the cold Kharsha climate, they live in ling connected line of houses called "patti" and smoke a lit of tobacco. Most of them work on their farm to earn their livelihood.

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Day 01:Arrive to Kathmandu and transfer to Hotel.

Day 02:Fly to Nepalguj

Day 03:Fly to Jumla and trek to Danphe Phedi

Day 04:Trek over Danphe pass to Nyarigad

Day 05:Trek to Chautha

Day 06:Trek to Pina

Day 07:Trek to Rara Lake

Day 08:Explore Rara Lake

Day 09:Trek to Baun

Day 10:Trek to Changkheli phedi

Day 11:Trek over Changkheli Pass to Forest

Day 12:Trek to Rimi

Day 13:Trek to Serkeghat

Day 14:Trek to Ripghat

Day 15:Trek to Bokchya Gaunda

Day 16:Trek to Kharponath

Day 17:Trek to Bargaun

Day 18:Trek to Simikot

Day 19:Extra day to explore Nyin Valley

Day 20:Fly to Nepalgunj – Kathmandu

Day 21:Drive to airport and fly back to home

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