Monasteries Tours in Kham -15 Days

Trip duration : 15 Days Trip Grade : Pleasure

Tibetan Buddhism exerted a strong influence from the 11th century AD among the peoples of Central Asia, especially in Mongolia and Manchuria. It was adopted as an official state religion by the Mongol Yuan dynasty and the Manchu Qing dynasty that ruled China. Today, Tibetan Buddhism is adhered to widely in the Tibetan Plateau, Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia, Kalmykia (on the north-west shore of the Caspian), Siberia (central Russia, specifically Buryatia and Chita Oblast), and the Russian Far East (concentrated in Tyva). In the wake of the Tibetan diaspora, Tibetan Buddhism has gained adherents in the West and throughout the world; there are estimated to be tens of thousands of practitioners in Europe and the Americas. Western celebrity Tibetan Buddhism practitioners include Richard Gere, Adam Yauch, Allen Ginsberg; Philip Glass, and Steven Seagal (who have been proclaimed a tulku).

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Day 01:Arrive in Chengdu O/N Hotel

Day 02:Drive to Wolong O/N Hotel

Day 03:Drive to Danba O/N Hotel

Day 04:Drive to Tawu O/N Hotel

Day 05:Drive to Kanze O/N Hotel

Day 06:Drive to Pelyul O/N Hotel

Day 07:Drive to Dzongsar valley O/N Hotel

Day 08:Drive to Pelpung - Derge O/N Hotel

Day 09:Derge explore O/N Hotel

Day 10:Drive to Manigango - Kanze O/N Hotel

Day 11:Drive to Serta O/N Hotel

Day 12:Drive to Dzamtang O/N Hotel

Day 13:Drive to Barkham O/N Hotel

Day 14:Drive to Chengdu O/N Hotel

Day 15:Drive to airport for departure

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