Mongolia Naadam Festival

Trip duration : 6 Days Trip Grade : Easy

Camping in MongoliaThe Naadam Festival is the major Mongolian holiday and a wonderful time to experience the culture and people of this amazing land. The festival has its roots in the nomad wedding assemblies and hunting extravaganzas of the Mongol Army. The opening ceremony features marches and music from soldiers, monks and athletes before the real fun begins! In the Naadam Stadium the three sporting passions of Mongolians, horse racing, wrestling and archery, are played out over 2 days. But if you don’t want to watch sport all the time, there’s plenty to see and do outside – food, music, crafts or just people watching.

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Day 01: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar

Day 02: Naadam festival preview

Day 03: The ceremony of Naadam festival

Day 04: Ulaanbaatar city tour

Day 05: Drive to Terelj National Park

Day 06: Departure

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