Mongolia is one of the world's last wildernesses. It’s the ‘Land of the Great Blue Sky’, an almost inhospitable part of the world, yet an ever-sunny homeland to the Mongolians. The country is magnificently miscellaneous in terms of landscape. Here the magisterial Western Altai gives way to the fertile central Heartland. Their long history is very noticeable by figures such as Genghis Khan, who built the still-standing city of Karakorum with its pale stupa and monasteries.

The exquisite forested North fades into the endless sea of green steppe which in turn becomes the Gobi in the South. It’s a land of icy climate, barren steppe and desert, but Mongolia’s sky is blue for 250 days a year. The age-old nomadic tradition of the Mongolians lives on, and as you travel through the eerie landscapes of Gobi desert and rugged canyons, the gars along the roadside are like mushrooms sprouting on the green. Over the years we have built close links with communities across this beautiful country. One of our passions is to support the nomadic culture and minimize urban migration. We do this through working closely with our home stay families to provide valuable income that supports nomadic life and encourages cultural exchange. Meet the lovely people and get involved in local festivities. This tour is also offered in reverse. Please enquire for further information. You can go through our wide-ranging tour packages listed below and get in touch with us if any queries come up.