Mt. Kawakarpo Trek “Holy Mountain in Kham” -19 Days

Trip duration : 19 Days Trip Grade : Moderate

Kham Kawakarpo lies between the Mekong and the Salween, in an area of steep-sided valleys shrouded in old growth forest. The area is rich in flora and fauna. This is a stunningly beautiful where you can walk from parched semi-desert river valleys and into forests rich in vegetation. And all this in the backdrop of beautiful mountain views. The trek is most enjoyable in spring and autumn. The Tibetans are very a religious community known for their devotion to life and God. It is believed that of the three most important mountain pilgrimages in Tibet, Mt Kailas represents the body of the Buddha, Tsari in southern Tibet, the speech and Mt Kawakarpo in the east, the mind, and emanation of the Buddha. Far to the east of Tibet on the border with Yunnan is the sacred mountain Kawakarpo, at 6,740mThe mountain range, to which it gives its name, is an area that is part of the old Tibetan Province of Kham, described as the region of Four Rivers and Six Ranges.

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Day 01:Fly to Zhongdain O/N Hotel

Day 02:Drive to Dechen (Deqen) O/N Hotel

Day 03:Drive to Yadza O/N Camp

Day 04:Trek to Medow O/N Camp

Day 05:Trek to Yongzintong O/N Camp

Day 06:Trek to Jesutong O/N Camp

Day 07:Trek to Chinatong Bridge O/N Camp

Day 08:Trek to Aben O/N Camp

Day 09:Trek to Tseju O/N Camp

Day 10:Trek to Zhana O/N Camp

Day 11:Trek to Yunmu O/N Camp

Day 12:Trek to Gebu O/N Camp

Day 13:Trek to Tanchiyon O/N Camp

Day 14:Trek to Lada O/N Camp

Day 15:Trek to Donthon O/N Camp

Day 16:Trek to Meleju and drive to Dechen O/N Hotel

Day 17:Explore Dechen O/N Hotel

Day 18:Drive to Zhongdain O/N Hotel

Day 19:Fly back to home

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