Secret Site of Kham Tour -10 Days

Trip duration : 10 Days Trip Grade : Pleasure

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

Kham is the most geographically diverse region of Tibet. Kham is the east of Tibet, the east edge of Himalayan ends here. The only mountains that go North to South is in this region called He-Duan Mountain Range, the crossing river cut the mountains and forming up deep valleys. Kham is a large area covering over 924,000 kilometers² (356,000 miles²) and is more than twice the size of Sweden and more than twice the size of California. Kham Area in the east of the Tibetan Plateau spreads across 4 provinces of China, largely in Tibet Autonomous Region and Sichuan Province, with small portion in Qinghai and Yunnan provinces.

Our Sacred Site of Kham Tour covers most interesting tourist sites in Kham Area, one of the three traditional Tibetan areas. Kham is one of the 3 main traditional regions of Tibet, along with U-Tsang and Amdo and is located in the eastern and southeastern corner of the Tibetan Plateau. Kham, traditionally known as Chushi Gangdruk which means “4 Rivers, 6 Ranges”, contains the headwaters of many of Asia’s longest and most important rivers. The Mekong, Yangtze, Yellow and Salween rivers all begin in Kham. On Sacred Site of Kham Tour we are going to explore the monasteries of Tibetan religion in the eastern Tibet of Kham, such as Kanze monastery (Gelukpa sect), Palpung monastery (Kamar kargyu sect), Zhechen monastery (Nyingmapa sect) and Yixi gonpa (Bon sect). The highest peak in Kham is Minya Konka, which rises to 7556 meters. Other notable peaks in Kham are Mt. Chola, rising to 6168 meters in Dege county and Mt. Bukadaban in Drido county rising to 6860 meters. The towns in these valleys lie between 2800 meters and 3400 meters and have a milder climate than northern Kham. This region is to find the original Tibetan Buddhism tradition such as Bon and some Traditional Printing techniques in Derge. Kham has a rugged terrain characterized by mountain ridges and gorges running from northwest to southeast. Numerous rivers, including the Mekong, Yangtze, Yalong Jiang, and the Salwee flow through Kham. Dense evergreen forests are found throughout this area along with fertile farming soil. If you are interested in seeing wild Tibetan animals in their natural habitats, attending horse festivals, circling the holy Mt. Kawa Karpo, staying with nomads, visiting small monasteries, camping, and bird watching in the forests, Scared Site of Kham Tour is just for you.

All areas of Tibet are amazing and beautiful, but Kham is truly is one of the best regions as it offers amazing scenery (nomadic grasslands, glaciated peaks, alpine lakes, evergreen forests and deep river valleys) and equally amazing culture. In general spring and fall are the most preferred times to visit Kham, while the rainy season of July and August can play havoc with the roads. Contact Sunny Travels & Tours right now and be a part of this incredible tour to the magnificent Kham region of Tibet.

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Day 01:Arrive in Chengdu O/N Hotel

Day 02:Drive to Kangding and explore O/N Hotel

Day 03:Drive to Litang and explore O/N Hotel

Day 04:Drive to Nyarong and explore O/N Hotel

Day 05:Drive to Kanze and explore O/N Hotel

Day 06:Drive to Bamei and explore O/N Hotel

Day 07:Drive to Danba and explore O/N Hotel

Day 08:Drive to Wolong and explore O/N Hotel

Day 09:Drive to Chengdu O/N Hotel

Day 10:Drive to airport for departure

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